is a free to view gallery which you are always welcome to visit on the internet. However, I believe there are those of you who would welcome the opportunity of having permanent examples of my work to collect.

By sponsoring you can receive a FREE limited edition stadium 'Folio' each season. A sponsorship scheme allows me to finance the production of these hand-made publications on a made to order basis.

By becoming a sponsor you are contributing to the ongoing development of this website, the primary aims of which are to create the worlds finest collection of sliced stadia panoramic photography and to establish a community of stadia fans across the world who can share information, publications, discussion and newly arriving panoramics.

In sponsoring you will become part of a community dedicated to stadia in all its forms. As people join we can all grow as a group, forming friendships and expanding our knowledge and love of this fine passion.

As and when support from people like yourself grows, will be in a position to organise events such as Exhibitions and Private Views, plus create more publications for you to collect.

There is no other stadia website in the world trying to attain these goals, but you have an opportunity to get involved.

This is the first 'call to arms', and hopefully those of you who enjoy this website and want to see it grow will join. In doing so you will become founding members of what potentially will be a fantastic collection of people all with a passion for stadia and its future.


Seasons Sponsorship entitles you to:

Receive the annual hand-made 'Folio' - FREE only to Sponsors - showcasing stadia panoramics shot over that season View Folio 1999/2000;

Exclusively purchase mounted 'originals' of forthcoming stadia panoramics;

Have access to the entire collection, not just the public galleries;

Decide if you want to participate in the content of this website, such as writing reviews of stadia you have visited which are also within the collection;

Have your own 'Private View' gallery based within your own private section of this website View;

Receive weekly updates informing you of new stadia arrivals at the site before anyone else;

Preview new stadia arrivals before they are placed in the public galleries;

Suggest other benefits of membership which may not have been considered yet.


Sponsorship costs only £50.00 for the forthcoming 2000/01 season and will include the third 'Folio' to date. There will be at least 60 panoramics included in this publication (see below for international variations).

Retrospective Sponsorship for the 1999/2000 Season and EURO2000 Special Edition are still available to anyone who wants to get hold of the 'Folio'. These though are limited edition and only a few places are available. Click here for details.

Anyone who subscribes to more than one Sponsorship within one complete order will receive a 10% discount.


If you would like to become a Sponsor or have any queries please e-mail me.

Thanks for your time, and I hope i'll hear from you soon.

Nevil Shute


£50.00 for UK
£60.00 for Europe
.00 for the Rest of the World
All prices include postage and packaging


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