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found on the Net. Listed below are some of
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EURO 2004 stadia sites
Not so straight forward to access. At this Official Portugese
FA website, click the EURO2004 banner on the left. When the
URL-less window appears click the English language link
before selecting "The stages for the show" link...



General stadia sites
Smartly designed and ordered home showcasing the
photography from Craig Patton stadium visits.
Soccer Stadiums in Poland. Find a large gallery of
polish stadiums (currently about 500 photoes) and
some informations about polish soccer stadiums,
clubs, leagues and cups.
Dutch language stadia site with a varied and diverse
collection of images from across the world.
The seminal stadia site from the publishers of the
renouned magazine of the same name featuring a
wide breadth of knowledge and information featuring
the smallest to the largest of stadia, past and
present. A must see for all those interested in stadia...
"A website dedicated to the unsung gems of
British and European football architecture..."
One of the best stadia photographic archives on
the net...
"Welcome to Keke's Stadium Tours. To enter this
site, click a stadium or club crest..."
"This site is the result of an intensive research on
the Internet concerning football (soccer) stadiums
all over the world..."
American sports stadia - photographs, stats and
"Borough President Fernando Ferrer, recognizing the
current and future needs of Yankee Stadium and its
environs, proposes the creation of Yankee Village,
a plan to revitalize and reinvigorate the stadium area
for the benefit of fans, residents and the City of New York..."
"Welcome to my Stadium Spectacular..."
"Click here to see pictures and info of some of the
greatest stadia from around the world..."
"This page is a starting point to see which ground I
have been visiting. Click on a country's name...
American Major League Soccer stadia site...
Dutch language stadia site with up-to-date stadia
development news...
"Welcome to The Internet Football Ground Guide. Inside
you will find pictures, recommended pubs, stadium info,
location maps and directions to your favourite football
grounds in England & Wales..."
"This site has been created for all of those that have a
passion for football..."
Excellent German language stadia site, soon possibly to be
translated into English...
Fantastic stadia photography by Rienaldo for German
football magazine 11Freunde. Not to be missed...
Italian Serie A stadia...
The World Cup Stadia of France '98...
Listing of sports stadia on the island city-state of
Sports website listings including baseball stadia sites...
"Revolutionizing the way fans experience live
stadia-based events...
"Within our Arenas & Stadiums Section you will find
the listings of Stadiums and Arenas throughout the
US and Canada..."
"The Panstadia International Quarterly Report is
critically acclaimed as the definitive journal for the
developing sports facility industry world-wide..."
"Stadia is a unique publishing initiative designed to
bring together the views and ideas of leading experts
around the world in the area of sports venue design,
operations and technology...
" is a general source of information about
the sports-facility-focused law firm of Waldo & McCormick..."
"StadiaNet is a sevice of the Stadium Managers
Association, an organization involving over 100
professional and collegiate stadiums in the U.S.,
Canada and Europe..."
Baseball stadia...
"Greetings from Baseball City, USA! This Web site is
devoted to one thing: BASEBALL PARKS! ..."
"As a Ph.D. student in Urban Planning I am very interested
in issues surrounding the financing, economic development
effects, and, in particular the location of sports facilities.
The following pages represent some of the work I have
done on the subject..."
German Bundesliga stadia and more...
Dutch website covering world stadia...
Another German site with excellent photographic content...
"In my site, you'll find photos and information about the
most famous and beautiful stadiums in America, Europe,
Africa and Asia..."
Aerial photography shots to purchase...
"This page is about both bigger and smaller European
football stadiums. Here you can find info about stadiums'
capacity, clubs playing games there, and many pictures
from the inside and outside of the arenas... "
Comprehensive stadia site from Norway...
"Technical recommendations and requirements for the
construction or modernisation of football stadia..."
Official Wembley site with details of the future stadium...
"The site for ground photos, links & info to many clubs..."
"I am Eric and this is my stadium page..."
"Every religion has its temples. It is there that people go
to feel close to the deities they worship..."
Website about the Philips Stadium (holland), in Dutch and English.
The Official Korean 2002 World Cup website stadia section,
including current build status...
Opening page of Official Japanese 2002 World Cup website
has a listing of stadia pages, all going to individual URLs...

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